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"Contemporary art hates you."- John Waters

About the artist

Subject Matter: Sin & Salvation, Redemption& Damnation, Polarities,Saints and Sinners, Hero Worship



In the year of 1723 on a full moon by the waters of Gitchygoomee, an entity was summoned atop the hill tops causing a seismic shift on planet earth. This force of nature would become known to many as Henry Hate. 


A protégé to famed Circus Impresario  P.T. Barnum and Aleister Crowley. In his formative years he would make "art films" for the likes of Andy Warhol, whom he was heavily influenced by and cinema auteur Kenneth Anger. Classic titles as The Crisco Disco Fiasco, and Gladys The Groovy Mule Gets Down wowed barely their audiences.


Leaving over money disputes and a unpaid gambling debt that caused an internal affairs investigation into the CIA.  Mr. Hate hit the high road with a gaggle of excommunicated Mormon sex freaks, a school bus, and Ayahuasca Shaman.


The journey to find himself and his respect lasted all but two weeks that rocked the Catholic Church and a local Piggly Wiggly in deep rooted scandal.  Once again raising the bar on  shameless self promotion. Le Haine as he is known in Gay Paris, invented a dance that rocked both Soul Train and American Bandstand youth.


The result was a well known chain of  ice cream stores to name a desert after him. 


Broke with no money he found himself vacationing at the famed resort The Spawn Ranch trading sexual favors  for room and board. It was a eventful summer night when he refused to "go for a ride", that resulted in the Tate/LaBiance murders. 

He now makes art for all in all forms of medias and disciplines.

Henry Hate is a American visual artist & tattoo artist who's work is both seen on the street and and walls world wide. He escaped family life and joined the army, but never took to authority.  He was to enroll at Savannah Collage of Art & Design to study Illustration, when he found himself working in a brothel to help pay the bills. Early on in his career he found himself working for Durk Dehner of The Tom Of Finland Foundation while broke in Hollywood.


Henry took an a tattoo apprenticeship at Funny Farm Tattoo in Silver Lake Los Angeles, while also working in the adult film industry.


His tattoo work is visible on the likes of

  • Amy Winehouse

  • Alexander McQueen

  • Boy George

  • Singer Tom Grennan

  • Rapper Skepta

  • Commedian David Cross

  • Paul Thompson of Franz Ferdinand

  • Pete Doherty - The Libertines 

  • Preston- The Ordinary Boys

                                  ...Just to name just a few. 


Cultivating work in both commercial and media print, while still maintaining his D.I.Y. ethic learned in the early queercore / punk rock days as a youth.  Stepping outside the box of the tattoo world that has brought him much success, he is now shifting into the world of fine art.


Recent projects have found him working along side renowned fashion photographer Nick Knight.   His art was turned into edible chocolate by respected Belgium chocolatier Dominique Persoone.  He has done two 

collaborations with the brand Fred Perry.


He has worked with brands Opal Nera, Converse, Sony Music, The design Museum London, Nissan Motors, Oliver Sweeney Shoes, Diagio/Justerini & Brooks, and of course the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

Origin: Los Angeles California city of angels.

Lives and Works in London England UK. and Hollywood California.

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Mike 2019 Acrylic oanvas Gentlemen Series
Yoko Ono Art Print
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